You can be different.

This is what the AMBIVERT collection is all about. An ambivert (from the Latin "ambi" - both) is a person who, depending on the circumstances, shows the traits of both an introvert and an extrovert and can be in the middle of these two personality types.

You can be different every time. Today you are the bright queen of the party, and tomorrow you spend the day at home under the blanket. We strive to create clothes that don't speak for you, they are about you. You don't need to be someone with the help of clothes, in german. things you feel yourself.

The AMBIVERT collection is made mainly in restrained laconic colors (gray, brown, khaki, dark green) with a splash of orange and red. We paid attention to the small details - bold color labels placed on trousers and contrast stitching on denim shirts and skirts.

The basis of the autumn collection is cotton sweaters of various colors, striped vests, insulated bombers, and liner jackets. Things from the collection are easy to mix with each other, creating new outfits every time.