E × G : my blood

The drop is dedicated to the indomitability of Ukrainians.

Together with the "ебаут" show, we once again released the joint collection "My blood" and dedicated it to the indomitable and invincible Ukrainians. This story is about freedom etched in blood, about a free soul that will never forget the pain and wounds we are experiencing right now.

The collaboration is united by new symbols that have become clear and important to each of us without words - the military code "4.5.0", which means everything is calm, the letter Ї - a sign of resistance of occupied cities, a blood stain - a sign of woundedness, but indomitable, and the carabiner as a symbol of moving up and forward, no matter what.

We shot the campaign of this collection under explosions, and we present it also at a time when enemy drones are attacking and destroying civilian houses. But, like every Ukrainian today, we rise from the bottom and choose to move on. To fight and work despite the pain and the news as long as we live.

We take a carabiner, tie a safety loop to it and go up. Climbing our own Everest again and again.

The collection is made in the style of grunge and underground. Recognizable elements of these styles are the patchwork technique, raw edges, the effect of wear, and "cooked" things. The capsule included: a boiled sweater, a boiled sweatshirt with bloodstain embroidery, a patchwork shirt, a puffer jacket, cargo pants, jeans, a wide scarf in two colors with the military code "4.5.0" written by hand, and silver earrings in the form of carabiners and a Ї-shaped pendant made of silver-plated brass on a silver chain.

All things from the collection are unisex, created for free, strong, and unrestrained in their desire to live Ukrainian women and men. The campaign was shot by photographer Stepan Lisovsky at the House of Trade on Lviv Square in Kyiv.

With this collection about unbreakable, we from the show "ебаут" want to support the charity platform dobro.ua and their project "Prostheses for the unbreakable" both informationally and financially, donating part of the profit from the sale of items from this collaboration.