In the style of apres-ski for life in the city and outside it.

A collection that combines comfort, coziness, and practicality. We have made sure that your winter is warm and stylish, and we have developed a complete capsule from which you can collect bows that complete your winter wardrobe.

While working on the collection, we were inspired by the Danish style, their culture, and their attitude to comfort. We imagined you wearing our turtleneck sweater and leggings with wool socks bought from grandma in the Carpathians. Upstairs, you put on a hood and a down jacket and enjoy winter, despite the frost.

The collection includes 3 options for winter outerwear: short and elongated down jackets and a long voluminous coat, which we offer to complement with gloves and cuffs.

For outerwear, we suggest wearing viscose long-sleeves and leggings, and, of course, cozy and voluminous sweaters made of merino wool yarn with a high neck, which will protect against the strongest winds. When choosing colors for the winter collection, we turned to forgotten Ukrainian names to bring them back into our broadcasting culture. So, a cinnamon down jacket, a brown long-sleeve, a viburnum sweater with braids, a crimson cowl, a blue sweater, and a coat the color of the Black Sea appeared in the capsule.

The KOZAR brand's winter jewelry collection was effectively complemented: by earrings, as well as nose and lip cuffs.